CFPB Compliant Repossessions

Pratt Adjustment Bureau is committed to CFPB compliance and has made it a top priority. We are:
  • C.A.R.S & C.R.A
  • Participating in Vendor Transparency
  • Maintaining membership in compliance networks
  • Promoting and upholding trade ethics
  • Attending the national conferences to stay current with national trends and practices.
  • Using continuing education to keep our staff educated about ever-changing repossession laws, skip tracing techniques and newer and better ways of managing repossession assignments.

Storage Facility and Security

We are located in North Denver with rapid access to all major freeways with our office onsite. Our lot has a 6 foot privacy fence topped with barbed wire. We also have 24 hour camera surveillance system and motion-activated security lighting. Our camera system records activity to DVR for future viewing. Personal property is inventoried and stored in a locked enclosure.

Business Continuity Plan

Colorado presents unique weather challenges. We are equipped to handle any of Colorado's severe weather situations. Our phone calls are forwarded to cell phones and because we utilize a secure online database, our office can run remotely from any location. In the event of a disaster we will be able to continue to maintain business via internet and cell phones preventing any interruption of service.

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